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BAISAKHI is a swimwear brand for woman, men and kids inspired on the mystical country of India and created by Juliana Morales and Andres Frey in 2013. In one of their multiple trips around this ancient country, and being in influenced by history, colors, textures, figures and symbols of its culture, they both decided to start an entrepreneurial project, which shortly made sense.

“As a designer, I always wanted to engage in designing inspired in different cultures. Andrés and I had always wanted to do something together, but we had not found something that drew to our attention and thrilled us enough to start a business. My parents live in India a country I fell in love with since the day I arrived and which inspired me to make a collection”, says Juliana.

After visiting Thailand in 2012, where they lived the mind-blowing experience of the Full Moon Party – a traditional night beach party where each month they celebrate the full moon night – the idea started to take shape.



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